Promoting world leading fiber optic protection from Royal DSM.

As a global science led business, Royal DSM creates products across a wide range of business sectors. One of their solutions; Desolite® Supercoatings needed a modern and sophisticated approach to position them as a leader in the field of fiber optics.

With an existing range of other products already available, this patented coating for glass fibre cables also required its own identity and website to individualise itself while aligning with the corporate brand.

DSM Supercoatings branding
DSM Supercoatings

Strategy and exploration

Based on DSM’s existing analytics we defined the target audience for the Desolite® Supercoatings product. Using this initial research we formulated a content plan along with a series of personas to enable us to map out the associated user journeys, giving us a strong foundation and direction for the website. We then created the sub branding, which was applied to page layouts along with a clear user interface to create an engaging responsive website resulting in a positive user experience.

DSM Website page designs montage

The power of search

By leveraging our SEO knowledge, we made significant improvements to the keyword structure of the website. These enhancements immediately produced positive results with the new website listed on the first page of Google for appropriate search terms; the impact of this increased website visits by more than 600%.

DSM Supercoatings responsive design
DSM Supercoatings Website interactivity

“Thank you so much for all of the great work you did in putting together the DeSolite® Supercoatings website. We gave the fiber optic team a sneak preview of the site. They really like the new look and feel of the site and the images and messages.”

DSM Supercoatings events