Simplifying the programming of industrial robots with Roxy.

Building relationships with clients based on trust in our capabilities is something we aim to achieve from the very first conversation.

Having developed a universal software to configure industrial robot arms there was a need for a visual identity that was both impactful and dynamic, an engaging new website and communication deliverables for events and new business presentations.

Relevant, descriptive design

An identity is a visual introduction; an unspoken start of a conversation, and this first point of communication needs to set an appropriate tone, conveying the detail behind it. The central software controls a large number of robot arms performing different functions – similarly to the arms of an octopus moving independently of each other.

Starting with sketches to incorporate three core elements of the product, Fourleaf’s creative team produced a visual representation and supporting identity that perfectly demonstrates what this product is about.

Protecting a brand for longevity

As brand guardians we put as much emphasis on protecting the longevity of the brand as we do in creating it. Brand guidelines ensure that your identity is always represented in the right way with rules on how to use it … but more importantly, how not to use it. This ranges from stationery, corporate websites and presentations through to clothing and large format print assets for exhibition stands.

The measure of success

The company’s profile has increased massively and this has been reflected in its growth. In one year the number of employees has gone up by over 1000% and with this our agency/client relationship has also developed with continued support for communication deliverables.