Becoming a net-zero emissions energy business.

Shell has set itself an ambition to become a net-zero emissions global energy business by 2050 or sooner, with their intention to meet customer demands for cleaner energy, while keeping in pace with society.

Shell were keen to communicate their ambition in a way that would be immersive and visually engaging for the audience. The Shell corporate websites are very component-based at their core, so this in itself was a challenge, but one we knew we could deliver on with our experience of developing and embedding HTML assets to leverage content.

Climate Ambition website shown on mobile phones and laptop

The first of its kind!

Despite our extensive experience of creating assets for Shell, the Climate Ambition project was an especially ground-breaking execution, being the first full page takeover. Immersing users in an edge to edge, image-led asset created an engaging experience unlike any other on the Shell websites.

We added parallax effects and subtle CSS animations throughout to draw the eye and keep users progressing through the narrative. Videos and additional information was also available throughout for those interested in delving deeper into the themes discussed.

Climate Ambition screenshots

“The design is highly impactful and pushes the boundaries of what’s been done previously on This is arguably the most important page on the whole website and many people across Shell have an interest in it. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, including from senior leaders who have called out the incredible difference in the approach. The biggest compliment is that the content is being replicated – on country sites, as part of the Brand campaign, as well as being considered for the investor site. I look forward to seeing the performance of this new content and hope that the clear mobile-first approach will boost engagement.”

Charlotte Brookes – Senior Corporate Communication Advisor - Reputation

Paving the way.

Since its implementation, other similar clients within Shell have contacted us to create their own version of this page, with either business or regional specific content and imagery.

Immerse yourself in learning more about Shell’s climate ambition in our full-page takeover asset.

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Climate Ambition website shown on a laptop

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