Intranet & extranet design to improve knowledge sharing.

Expertly designed intranets & extranets enable our clients to engage with key audiences in a secure & flexible way to enhance their business efficiencies.

SharePoint Intranet design and development project

Intranets improve profitability

Communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing are the backbone of an organisation. Engaged employees are more productive and have an increased sense of being in a team.

Intranet and extranet platforms enable businesses to streamline everyday processes, improving the connectivity of their business as well as cost effectiveness.

SharePoint Intranet design and development CO2 calculator

Confidentiality and security of your data

Confidentiality and security of clients’ information is fundamental to the way we work. A client can be safe in the knowledge that any systems we design, build or maintain will only be accessible to the designated and approved people. With a very strict and multi-level security policy, we are trusted to regularly work with clients confidential data.

SharePoint intranet design and development for mobile

Off the shelf or custom built

Flexibility is key. From small single site businesses to large multi-national corporates, we facilitate the sharing of information and enhance business efficiencies.

Our team are experienced in using SharePoint as an off the shelf platform or designing and creating bespoke, custom made applications. From text process heavy to functional app based intranets, we have the skill and knowledge to fulfil a wide variety of briefs.

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