A motion design agency that makes storytelling simple & accessible.

We take pride in designing exceptional motion graphics and live action video productions that engage with their target audience.

3d design studio work for LNG Canada

Video is widely accepted to be a powerful and cost effective marketing tool. Executed well, it can invoke emotions, increase confidence and strengthen a marketing campaign.

We understand our client’s needs and objectives from the beginning; researching ideas, storyboarding and visualisation are all critical stages and we take pride in designing exceptional motion graphics and compelling live action video productions that reach out and engage with the audience.

High impact productions that leave a lasting impression

We bring 2D and 3D animations to life in vibrant and engaging productions. A strong concept, well written script and a detailed storyboard are the foundation for a great animation – incorporate a striking visual style, sound effects and eye catching animations and you have a powerful tool for captivating your audience and telling your story in an informative way.

Building striking 3D visualisations bring your project to life, effectively ensuring any difficult to explain, non-tangible ideas are relayed exactly as you envisage them. For complete versatility, once a detailed model has been created, it can be used in a wide variety of end products across print and digital communications.

Compelling corporate films

Our passion for storytelling is what drives us to create compelling corporate films. Live action video can help humanise and portray an image or ethos that is difficult to achieve with other digital or print mediums.

We provide an end-to-end service, injecting creativity and professionalism into each stage of the process.

Capturing the way we move

Our motion capture suit and software records, processes and shares data on body motion providing an effective and professional solution for animating human movement.

Already widely used across the entertainment industry, this technology is more popular than ever, capturing realistic motion and enabling us to design more complex patterns, reproducing human movement in real time adding extra depth to our motion projects.

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