Engaging key stakeholders with powerful & effective report design.

We create engaging company reports that deliver essential information and core messaging in an easily digestible way. A clear, well-constructed report builds trust in a brand and strengthens relationships within the key audiences.

Considered design

Effective reports require thought and consideration. From a clear narrative to typography, print finish and format, we have the experience and knowledge to produce an impressive communication tool that is easy to understand and inspires confidence.

Reports are one of the key ways to deliver important information about your company, whether that be financial targets, performance or strategic direction. Our creative team design reports that speak directly to identified audiences, ensure content is easy to understand, relay key messages clearly and show a commitment to transparency and accountability.

Maximising engagement opportunities

Company reports invariably contain structured, precise and complex information that is best represented visually. People remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read; we understand the power of infographics and well-designed charts – employing them to convey critical information in a way that sticks.

Powercor printed reports

Bringing information to life

Within a digital format, reports can become interactive and immersive with animation of key information, navigational links for a deeper dive into content, or prompts that create a more personal reader journey and a more engaging experience. These considerations can significantly improve a reader’s absorption and retention of information.

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