Our journey to becoming climate positive through sustainable business practices.

As the design agency that specialises in the energy, technology and environment sectors, we operate an ethical and sustainable business that has a distinct and proven positive impact on the world around us.

Our own actions, business decisions and supply chain is important to us and undergoes continual review. To achieve this we believe that positive change needs to be driven by a management approach, upheld and nurtured by shared values company wide and communicated to our clients and suppliers whenever necessary.

We understand energy

Energy supply

We purchase our energy from 100% renewable sources including wind power, solar, biomass and hydropower. Our renewable energy enables us to operate our offices with 0g of CO2 emissions and 0g of radioactive waste. While all of the energy we use is from sustainable sources, we still monitor and actively reduce our energy usage where possible.

Office waste

It is mandatory for all our staff to be committed to recycling waste. We do not use our local authority waste service but instead use an alternative and innovative waste provider that guarantees a zero to landfill policy. All recyclable materials are made into new products, while contaminated or unrecyclable materials are used for energy generation to power homes. We also compost 100% of our food waste in an aerobic hotbin digester, producing compost for our own gardens.

In house recycling and office waste posters

Bring your own waste (BYOW)

In addition to the waste generated from within our own office, we believe that Fourleaf as a business can play an important role in helping to reduce our own personal waste from home. We therefore also provide specialist recycling streams which we call BYOW stations.

These can be used by all staff for both business and personal recycling from home enabling us to pool our more difficult to recycle items and benefit from volume. Additionally, our combined recycled waste is then exchanged for cash for local charities and schools.

Our BYOW recycling streams include:

Toners and ink cartridges
Crisp packets
Confectionary wrappers
Bread bags
Oral care packaging
Beauty and skin care packaging
Home laundry packaging
WEEE electronics (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

“Most single-use items get used for a few minutes and then get discarded. I think it’s possibly the most ridiculous misuse of resources that humans have ever come up with.”

David McLagab, Founder of Ecoffee Cup

Single use coffee cups

300 billion single use cups are made each year with the UK alone using 2.5 billion. As these paper cups are lined with plastic less than 2% will ever be recycled. But not at Fourleaf! Single use coffee cups are not permitted in any Fourleaf office, with reusable and sustainable bamboo or rice husk alternatives supplied.

We actively discourage all other single use items wherever possible and as a business we will always purchase recycled plastics or plastic alternatives if there is a viable option available. By sharing our sustainability vision and ethics, each and every employee is encouraged to consider every item used in their work and home life.

It only takes 2 million people choosing to re-use once a week to stop 104 million single use cups going to landfill. By choosing to re-use 7 days a week, we are making a big difference.

Office supplies

We consider the environmental impact of any product we buy or service that we procure. Our toilet rolls and hand towels are all made from bamboo - but don’t worry, not the kind that cute pandas like to chomp on! The bamboo used is from a huge surplus harvested once a year and which grows back 30 times faster than trees.

Other general office supplies and cleaning products all come with strong green credentials. Even our teabags are 100% biodegradable. They are delivered via a fleet of over one hundred environmentally friendly vans from a supplier whose environmental approach spans right across their business, including having a 55,000m2 solar array and half a megawatt of battery storage capability


Our general policy is that we only buy or procure sustainable print solutions for our clients. However, there is no ‘one size fits all’ where print is concerned and we pull from a variety of different sustainable options depending on a client’s needs. This could include both recycled or virgin paper from sustainable sources, the use of vegetable or soya inks or even the carbon neutral credentials of the printing factory and delivery methods

Sustainably sourced paper
Recycled paper
Vegetable inks
Soya inks
Carbon neutral factories
Carbon neutral deliveries
Lunch and Learn slides

Lunch and Learn

Each week we dedicate one lunch time to our ‘Lunch and Learn’ programme where one of the team presents on a topic with time allowed for discussion during which any extra knowledge or information can be relayed to the teams in both the UK and NL. Recent topics have covered rising sea levels, threats to biodiversity, deforestation and the Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe that by continuously sharing and transferring knowledge, we ensure our entire team knows as much as they can, not only about our clients and their needs but also the environment and how we can maximise our sustainability.

All presentations are video recorded so that absentees or new joiners can be brought up to speed and have equal knowledge to the rest of the company. This continual learning programme enables us to successfully deliver on our present sustainability goals and our continuing vision for 2020.

Sustainability team

Led by four senior members of staff across our UK and NL offices, the Fourleaf sustainability team meet every other week to discuss and implement all our sustainability measures. We know we can always do more to safeguard our planet and through this team endeavour we stay informed and add new sustainability goals to our office life.

Making sustainable choices is not only beneficial to the environment but they are also beneficial to our business.

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