Contributing to accessible energy for all.

As a leading energy company, affordable, clean energy – SDG7 in the UN’s sustainable development goals – and the access to it, is one of Shell’s key areas of commitment.

Shell approached us to create multiple interactive assets that would effectively showcase their social investment contributions to partner organisations and community programs that provide access to clean and affordable energy for many of the most remote and vulnerable people and communities around the world.

Access to energu asset screens

Highlighting investments in communities

Access to energy means more to these communities than simply providing electricity or fuel for cleaner cooking, but unlocks many social benefits too. For example, schools unable to connect to the national grid can be powered by solar, improving teaching quality and community livelihoods, through activities in the evening for children and training opportunities small local businesses.

With multiple projects across Asia, Africa and the Americas, we created an interactive globe asset that demonstrated the global side of these projects, with information popups giving the audience a deeper dive into each of these locations, and what the programs were offering across a wide spectrum of social impact elements. This information was supported by a striking illustrative treatment over carefully selected photography.

Access to energy screens information

Turning the spotlight on energy poverty

The illustrated scene to demonstrate the scope of Shell’s investments – from home systems with individual roof panels up to mini-grids and large rooftop installations – was created from scratch; starting with a hand drawn sketch to ensure all components were being conveyed accurately, before producing a detailed vector illustration that was to create the basis of an interactive HTML asset, and later included on a printed flyer.

As users explore projects across the scene, the ability to toggle between day and night view brings the visual to life, demonstrating the true value of the projects Shell invest in as they provide reliable electricity around the clock.

Access to energy illustration