Uniting water, energy and food on a global stage with Dutch Dubai.

In 2021 the world expo will be hosted in Dubai. The Ministry of foreign affairs asked us to design and build the website for the Dutch participation of this large event.

The Netherlands will be present with a fully sustainable and circular biotope. The website is a communication tool for the marketing team to engage people for the event and inform about the collaboration between The Netherlands and the Gulf and opportunities that come with that.

Dutch Dubai website shown on a mobile phone and laptop
Wireframes of Dutch Dubai website

From content strategy to an online platform

Together with the Dutch Dubai communication team we developed the building blocks and defined the optimal platform structure. With an interactive prototype we showed the team the flow of the platform and the hierarchy of the content elements.

Full responsive design

With an audience focus for those at the event it was imperative to have the same website experience on mobile devices as on desktop or a laptop. With the website being content heavy, this was a challenge. Due to the collaboration between our UI/UX designers and Front end developers we managed to achieve an optimum experience.

Fully responsive Dutch Dubai site shown on tablet and mobile phone
Dutch Dubai newsletter screenshots

“Thank you very much and how cool is the end result! Many thanks for all the work and it being finished within the deadline.”

User friendly event calendar

A very important part of the Dutch Dubai pavilion are the events. Prior to as well as during the expo there will be events hosted across The Netherlands and Dubai to engage business to collaborate on projects in the spirit of the Dutch Dubai team: Uniting Water, Energy and Food.

User friendly online calendar for Dutch Dubai
Person looking at Dutch Dubai websites on their mobile in front of pavilion