Showcasing Shell’s New Energies projects for a lower-carbon business.

With final consumption of electricity expected to overtake oil by 2040 there is a need for an accelerated effort to reduce power sector CO2 emissions.

Shell’s New Energies business was established in 2016 to explore emerging opportunities in the energy transition with a focus on renewable power generation and new fuels for transport.

Shell Recharge Station Shell Recharge Station
New energies web pages

Portfolio for a changing energy system

Since the formation of the business Shell has invested $2.3 billion in a diverse range of global projects that contribute towards their transformation to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050 or sooner. This includes renewables such as wind and solar, nature-based solutions and mobility options such as electric vehicle charging and hydrogen.

Fourleaf worked within the existing website ecosystem to create user journeys and page designs that compiled the projects in to one coherent space with engaging and interactive content to clearly connect and communicate Shell’s aim to deliver more and cleaner energy to customers around the world.

“Rising electricity demand was one of the key reasons why global CO2 emissions from the power sector reached a record high in 2018, yet the commercial availability of a diverse suite of low emissions generation technologies also puts electricity at the vanguard of efforts to combat climate change and pollution.”

International Energy Agency (IEA)

New energies map asset screens New energies map asset screens

Explaining the energy system

Shell and their partners are making it possible for homes and businesses to receive cleaner energy with involvement at almost every stage of the power supply system, from its generation to the buying, selling, storing and delivery to customers.

Fourleaf created an interactive asset to explain each step in Shell’s interconnected power business with an overview of their involvement in areas such as renewables and electric vehicle charging.

New energies intergrated power system New energies intergrated power system

Mapping cleaner power

Vital to how we live our daily lives electricity is also a key part of the solution in the transition to a low-carbon energy future. Changing the mix of how electricity is generated to include renewable sources such as wind and solar helps reduce greenhouse gases and improve air quality.

Fourleaf created a touchscreen application for Shell’s presence at WindEurope which allowed the user to filter and explore their investments and partnerships in wind and other new energies projects using an interactive map.

New energies wind projects New energies wind projects
Smart charging infographic

Innovative technologies for smart charging

With a constant rise in the demand for energy and electrification, including EV vehicles, there needs to be a shift in focus from not only producing more energy but how it is stored and when it is used by looking at daily peaks and troughs.

We produced an explainer animation to demonstrate intelligent charging technologies, from ensuring vehicles are charged when electricity demand is low or the supply is high to storing renewable energy such as wind output and then discharging when grid demand is high.

Smart charging stations Smart charging stations

The future for cleaner transport

With both electric and hydrogen vehicles on the rise Shell is working to meet the needs of drivers to power their cars at home, at work or on the road.

Fourleaf created a range of 3D animations to bring the future vision of hydrogen refuelling and EV charging to life at the Shell Retail Licensee conference.